Brinkerhoff, Alett. I.

Row.Grave: 3/1



Notes from Van Voorhis Book:  Brinckerhoff, Alletta, d. Dec 7, 1871


_Alletta Brinckerhoff. A devoted Christian & most important member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Fishkill.  She spent her latter years at Robinia; the home of Isaac E. Cotheal Esq. and her memory is tenderly cherished by the members of Mr. Cotheal_s family._

_After the death of Elizabeth Brinckerhoff, Alletta Brinckerhoff lived with her cousin Mrs. Cotheal ‑& continued to live there after Mrs. Cotheal_s death until her own death in 1871  In early life she was a dress maker in N.Y‑and often spoke of sewing for the Astins Langdons & others._

_[died] at Robinia_

_Cousin of Mrs. Isaac E. Cotheal"