but not listed in either Van Voorhis Book or Poucher’s Book



Ashley, Nathan

The brightest things below the sky

Give but a flattering light

We should suspect some danger nigh

Where we possess delight.



The family of Henry Dubois Bailey Whose wide researches &

 interesting remimiscences [sic] of Fishkill in the  olden time;

 have largely contributed to the Antiquarian

 and historical lore of this church and place._


Bogardus, Elizabeth Roe, d. July 16, 1807

_Born March 6th 1754_


Bogert, George, d. Jan 9, 1835

_Born Sept 4th 1758_


Brett, Frances

_Son of Madam Brett_

_Born September 1749_


Brinckerhoff, Antye, d. June 1, 1754

_Born 1732_


Currie, Margaret, d. Jan 12, 1852

_Great aunt of Mrs. Howell White_


Dubois, Hannah. d. March 1, 1813

_Born May 4th, 1743_

_Hannah Dubois

The Coffin, the shroud, and the grave

To her were no objects of dread

On Him who is mighty to save

Her soul was with confidence stayed_


Dubois, Peter, d. March 6, 1781

_Born June 1698_


Duryee, Abraham, d. May 30, 1802

"Born 1742" (not same as one in books)


Duryee, Anna Schenck, d. Aug 1, 1803

_My soul shall slumber in he ground

Till the last trumpets joyful sound

That bursts the chains with sweet surprise

And in my Saviors image rise_





but not listed in either Van Voorhis Book or Poucher’s Book

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Lane, Matilda, d. Feb 4, 1840

"Matilday [sic]  Lane

My soul looks out in strong desire

It's perfect bliss to prove'

My longing heart was all on fire

To be renewed in love"


Lucam, Catherine Corcelus, d. Oct. 12, 1800

_Born 1756_

_Catharine Corcellus Lucam_

_What's mortal Dead; This Dust shall Rise

The immortal Hear;  And Mount the Skies

From Flesh and Skull;  When Both shall joyn

To Joys Immense;   The Work Divine

And Through;  Endless Ages Sing

Anthems to her God and King_



  daughter of Lewis and Mary Nichols

 born in the City of New York July 4th, 1789


Phillips, Elizabeth Canniff, d. Nov. 22, 1808

_Born April 4th, 1755_

*Behold ye sinners ‑‑‑ all take warning

The Lord he cometh in the morning

The trump shall blow ‑‑ and sinners call

Rocks and mountains   On us fall”


Rapalje, Adelaide, d. May 28, 1825

"Great niece of Richard Rapalje"


Southard, Mary Ida, d. Mar. 8, 1859

"Her last word were don't cry for me.

  The Savior is here, how light it is.

Oh how light it is

The path is clear, good bye."


Strippel, Nicholas, d. April 22, 1847

"Cross road near Hopewell near where Baltu Anderson lives (1920)


Vail, Sally Ann, d. April 13, 1842

"In faith she died in dust she lies'

But faith forsees that dust shall rise

When Jesus calls while hope assumes

And boasts her joy among its tombs"

"Wife of William R. Vail, Mother of Mrs. Miles Scofield"





but not listed in either Van Voorhis Book or Poucher’s Book

 Page 3



Van Voorhis, Elizabeth, d. March 4, 1837

[In death date, _1857_ is crossed out, and _1837_ written in ]

_Elizabeth  Van Voorhis, with husband John

The proprietors of the Mansion ‑ house._


 Van Voorhis, Hannah, d. April 5, 1842

_Hannah Van Voorhis

Happy soul thy days are ended

             All thy mourning days below

Go by angels guards attended

To the arms of Jesus go.


Van Voorhis, Iohn, d. Oct. 10, 1757

"Born 1682"

"Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather of Dr. Howell White"

"Johannes Conte Van Voorhis was born April 20th, 1683 baptized when he was 2 day old.

  Married the first time Nov. 19th 1703 to Barbara Van Dyck who died in 1743.

  A year later he married Sarah Vliet. J. C. Van Voorhis was the first of the name

 to settle in Dutchess Co.  He left Flatlands, L.I. after his first marriage  &

settled first in East New Jersey & afterwards in the Rombout Precinct when

 he purchased by deed dated June 20, 1730.  from Phillip Ver Planck of the

 Manor of Courtlandt, a tract of land containing 2790 acres more or less —

 He was one of the men who voted to raise the ministers salary from L 80 to L 100.

  He was buried in a plot of ground on his own farm used as a family plot probably until 1790.

  These stones were after placed in the church yard by his descendent Mr. E. V.V.


Van Wyck, William

"Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life. 

He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live_


Weeks, James, d. Nov. 15, 1790

"Born 1737"

”Remember me

 I once had breath

In the midst of life we are in death

Death calls us home ‑ we must obey

I was well ‑ sick ‑ and dead — All in one day_