found in Van Voorhis Book:



_Achwyd, Elizabeth

Sacred to the memory of

Elizabeth Ackwyd

Native of Farnley Gyas* (?)


Who departed this life

May 25th 1843

Aged 26 y_s 4m_s & 26 d_s

Her languishing head is at rest,

It_s thinking & aching are o_er

Her quiet immovable breast

Is heaved by affliction no more.

Her heart is no longer the seat

Of trouble and torturing pain

It ceased to flutter and beat

It never shall flutter again


* in the Parish of  Almondsbury Yorkshire England_


_Gould, William

In memory of William Gould

Who died October 2d 1838

Aged 34 years 5 months 28d_s



His wife who died

October 2 1838

Aged 35 years 2 months 24 d_s



Their son, who died

October 3d 1838

Aged 4 years 4 days

Natives of the town of North‑molton,


Poisoned by eating fungi [toadstools]

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord_


_Ogden, Wilmot

To the memory of Wilmot Ogden

Only Daughter of Capt _Bing_ Ogden

Who departed this life October 4

1790 in the 22d year of her age

Her disconsolate father has erected this monument_



found in Van Voorhis Book:

Page 2



Rogers, Benjamin

In memory of Benjamin Rogers

Who departed this Life

November 8th 1813

Aged 63 years 9 months

And 8 days

Saints die and we should gently weep;

Sweetly in Jesus arms they sleep

Far from this world of sin and woe;

No sin nor pain nor grief they know._


[Top of page broken off]

Happy Souls thy days are ended

All thy mourning days below

Go by angel guards attended

To the sight of Jesus go

Sam B Murren Mar 20‑/56‑77‑‑


End all the pains that here I bore

Can spirit any future fears

For death & hell can do more

Than what my Father please.


The sweet remembrance of the past

Shall flourish when he sleeps ??

Aug./43  Elizabeth Pane_


_Here lies the Body

Of Elizabeth Duman who

Departed this life July 4th 1770 in the 63 year of her age

Hoping her Souls is at Rest

With the Celestial Train_

In Joy and Happiness

Where Blessed Souls Remain_


[top of page missing]

_Of him oh may in death be said

He speaketh well although he_s dead

His life was faith, his death was must

That God would raise him with the just

John Tilbert (?) Nov. 10 1764 Apr. 6 1843_




found in Van Voorhis Book:

Page 3



_Death to all

Here Called from Labor to Reform

A weary mason resting lies

Till the last awful trumpet blows

And bids each human atom Rise


Thus shall the suns Of faith and light

Whose sign Is faith Whose tokens love

Receive the sound Then wing their flight

To join the Lodge of Saints above

Wm Allger died Apr. 13 1792 44 years



Parrott, James Bracett

near those dear to him the sensible

Warm motin of

James Bracrett Parrott


Nov. 26 ‑ 1817

Chilled by death

Jany 29th 1890

Hue thaws and resolves itself bark to earth the common mother of mankind."



Memory of Sarah McRiby,

daughter of William McRiby, wife to Birdsey Watkins.

Who departed this life Oct 1, 1800 aged 31 years 9 months 6 days.

"Weep not for me my dear Birdseye

My soul is risen to Christ on high

Rejoice, believe thy soul and save

My body rests now in the grave

My bodys mouldering in the dust

My souls rejoicing with the just.

Angels and saints all join the throng

The song of Moses and the lamb."