Our Mission Programs

Children's Community Services - De Kinder Nursery School

This mission provides a variety of services for both pre-school age children and school age children providing a safe and nurturing environment for learning. The program begins with a Moms and Tots program for 2 year olds. For 3 year olds there is a pre-school program which meets two days per week, while 4 year olds meet three, four or five days per week. In addition, the program provides before and after school programs for elementary school children. For more information, call 845-896-9876 or visit https://www.facebook.com/FishkillCCS.

Fishkill Food Pantry

The Fishkill Food Pantry provides groceries to those in the community who need emergency assistance. First Reformed Church, in partnership with Saint Mary Mother of the Church, and other local churches, community organizations and individuals, provide groceries. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/FishkillFoodPantry/ or call 845-896-4546.

Reformed Church in America Missions

The church provides support to mission programs of the Reformed Church in America. The missions we are partners with include support for Jeremy and Susan Beebout and their three children. Their ministry in Niger includes medical, agricultural, volunteer coordination and providing a clear example of Christian love in this region of the world. Visit them at www.beebout.us. In addition, we are partners with Jackson County Ministries which carries on an active program of evangelism and service for the people of Jackson County, Kentucky, as well as residents of the wider Appalachian region. Visit them at http://annvilleinstitute.com/.

Our support of these mission programs extends our caring ministry beyond the bounds of our local community and into the world.

Other Missions

In addition, the church supports numerous other missions by providing space and other considerations. Among these missions include: a Boy Scout troop and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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